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Featured Artist for Issue 9 of The Seventh Wave!

Being the featured artist for Issue 9 of The Seventh Wave has been an utter dream, start to finish. The editors (Joyce Chen, Brett Rawson, and Krista G.) gave me exactly the kind of physical, mental, and relational space I needed to push my work in new directions, directions that have been energizing in a personal and important way. The results were just published (eek!) and I hope you'll check them out.

The prose that accompanies the visual art pieces includes rapid-fire shout-outs to Carina del Valle Schorske, Moeko Fujii, Patrycja Humiek, Katie Lee Ellison, and other badass women who helped inform my thinking around dance as I was creating. Endless admiration to my fellow Bainbridge residents D. A. Navoti, Yasmin Boakye, Courtney Young, and Callum Angus, who played a crucial role in all of this as well. Oh, and props to Carl Jung for making the Red Book.

Here's a short little excerpt from the written portion:

"What’s lost for me, I think, in staying within the artificially constructed boundaries of what constitutes a poem, is the extension of thought in directions that contend, authentically, with languagelessness. While the walls around poetry as a genre can provide focus and helpful constraint, to never venture outside those walls is to warp and shrink the scope of poetic inquiry in a way that feels stale and unhelpful at best and at worst, violent and deeply untrue."

I hope you'll spend some time with the art (and let me know what you think)!

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