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JUDAS GOAT in the New York Times!

Wild to see Judas Goat recommended by Stephanie Burt in the New York Times, and even wilder to be on The Shortlist next to Ellen Bryant Voigt. *faints*

I can't say what it means for my writing to be taken seriously by readers and critics I admire. There was a time I genuinely believed no one would ever give my work the time of day because I was a nobody from Alabama, and I tried to make peace with that, to do what I could to connect with readers anyway—It feels extraordinarily lucky and shocking that the book is finding its way into a venue like this.

(Judas Goat was also reviewed beautifully by D. S. Waldman in The Rumpus, by Mandana Chaffa in The Chicago Review of Books, and by Sarah Barch in the Arkansas International <3)


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