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Between the Covers!

I’ve listened, over the years, to almost every single episode of David Naimon's podcast Between the Covers. These conversations have been my companions on buses, long-walk commutes, runs, and wanders, exciting me to think in different, deeper ways about literature. Listening to the show has given me a kind of (para?)social experience I’ve always craved: to be a fly on the wall among geniuses thinking together about writing and books. And being a guest on it… How could I even describe this feeling? A terrifying, beautiful, surreal dream.

David Naimon is the kindest sleuth, the smartest thread-puller, and the depth of care he brings to each interview is a thing of wonder. If you listen, or have the means and just want to do a good deed, I hope you’ll become a patron, so this generous work can go on.

One day David Naimon himself will have a book, full of his own dazzling, moving experiments with language, and we will all get to immerse in that; I can’t wait. For now we are lucky to have pieces like this (one of the most incredible essays I’ve ever read).

Here is the link to my conversation on Between the Covers. You can listen wherever you get your podcasts. There's also this cool Bookshop page for the episode. As I’ve shared on Twitter, etc, trying to articulate myself out loud can be a ~fraught~ experience, but I feel so so so lucky to have this. I hope that, if you listen, you find it rewarding in some way.


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