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JUDAS GOAT (Tin House, January 24, 2023) now available for preorder!

Also: cover reveal!

I’m sooooo excited to share that Judas Goat (Tin House, January 24, 2023) can now be preordered from my favorite poetry bookstore in the entire world, Open Books: A Poem Emporium! *confetti explosions!*

Preorders are really important, especially for debut authors, which I didn’t fully realize until recently. Publishers, bookstores, and media outlets look at preorder numbers when deciding which books they want to stock, review, and otherwise support, so the more preorders a book can get, the better (eep!). If you can place an order now—either through Open Books or an independent bookstore in your neighborhood—I would be so, so, so grateful.

If money / shelf space is too tight to buy a book right now, I hope you’ll ask your local library to preorder Judas Goat and then request it for checkout! This achieves the same end: a copy of the book is still preordered and purchased. Plus, public libraries are THE best. I live right next door to one for a reason.

Thank you so much for embarking on this journey with me—This book is the realization of a lifelong dream, and your support is everything.


‘In confession, in illumination, Bates establishes herself as an unflinching witness to the risks that desire necessitates, as Judas Goat holds readers close and whispers its unforgettable lines.”

Read the rest of the back jacket copy and the first two blurbs here on the Tin House site!


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