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"Carousel" Included in Best of the Net 2015!

My poem "Carousel" has been chosen for inclusion in the 2015 Best of the Net anthology—alongside super legit people like Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Patrick Rosal, and Chen Chen—so cue the glitter cannons; I am crazy thrilled. Giant wheelbarrows of thanks to Erica Wright, the poetry editor extraordinaire at Guernica where "Carousel" first appeared, as well as Sundress Publications and Darren C. Demaree, who wrote a totally badass editor's note for the anthology, culminating thusly:

"Read every one of [these pieces], and you will know what I know, that 2016 (no matter what it becomes) better be ready for all of us. We are on our toes. We are anxious, but we are not afraid of anything. We are devoted artists, aware of the whole world, and we can sing, scream, and charge through the worst of it."

Lars Elling, Kosakk, 2011

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