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Talking about Brigit Pegeen Kelly's SONG on the Keep the Channel Open Podcast!

Song, by Brigit Pegeen Kelly, is a book that holds for me staggering beauty, unnerving tenderness, and transformative power. I hope you'll listen to this conversation I had with Mike Sakasegawa for the podcast Keep the Channel Open, in which we discuss my personal history with the book, Kelly's singular style, poetics of place, religion, the worlds that can be made out of language, ellipses, and so much more. It was a real honor to be invited to do this. While I'm fairly comfortable being a podcast co-host at this point (thanks to The Poet Salon) being a guest is new to me!

You can listen wherever you get your podcasts. Oh, and there's a transcript of the interview here.

(Also, if you love poems but don't own the book Song, I recommend you order yourself a copy from Open Books: A Poem Emporium! You can do so at this link here.)


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