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Midst Poetry!

Did you know there's a journal where you can watch interactive time-lapses of poets writing poems?! Well there is! It's called Midst, and it's amazing. Absolutely blown away by this piece April Yee wrote for The Rumpus, in which she does a close-reading of my poem and time-lapse "Ownership."

You can read more in my "process note" that came along with the poem "Ownership," but basically, publishing this was a very exciting but vulnerable experience. I'm really honored to be a part of this project and thrilled for the conversations Midst is enabling people to have about drafting and revision.

Follow Midst on Twitter, and if you're feeling generous and excited about the project, please consider becoming a patron of the project. which will help keep Midst ad-free and accessible, allow the journal to continue paying authors, and usher their super-cool word processing software out of the beta phase.

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