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Princeton Poetry Festival

Over a year ago, I was invited by Paul Muldoon to read at the Princeton Poetry Festival. I was sure he'd gotten me confused for someone else, considering the other featured poets would be the likes of Harryette Mullen, Tommy Pico, Ishion Hutchinson, Ellen Bass, and Kimiko Hahn, but apparently, he did actually mean me, and so at the end of last month, I flew to Princeton.

It was my first time ever stepping foot on an Ivy League campus, and my inner Rory Gilmore was feeling some f e e l i n g s. The weekend itself was incredible—readings, panel discussions, dinners. I got to meet one of my heroes (Tracy K. Smith!) and read my work on a stage in the beautiful McCarter Theater.

Weeks have passed, but I still can't quite believe it all happened. What a wild, wonderful thing.

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