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"The Gates" featured on Wildness' Curated Literary Guide!

A total stranger has made my day (and made me cry a little) by writing this thoughtful, generous, heart-felt blurb about my poem "The Gates" (recently published in issue #20 of the Adroit Journal):

"I admit that I chose this week’s poem out of selfishness and vulnerability. As a reader of poetry, I find myself looking for an abiding image, or some unanswered question that long sticks in my mind after the last word. ‘The Gates’ satisfies this desire and yet leaves me exposed to the coldness of this poem. Images of barbed wire, dead owls, and mothers create a grotesque family narrative, one that I am personally familiar with, and often struggle to write about. ‘The Gates’ is not an easy poem to read, but it’s the one that will stay wrecked in your chest week after week."

Thank you, Hannah Cohen, for these feels (and for introducing me to this cool curated literary guide!) <3

Also, if you haven't checked out the new issue of Adroit in its entirety, get on that.

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