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A Salon-Style Reading with Eduardo Corral!

It isn't every day you get invited to participate in an intimate, salon-style poetry reading that features the likes of Justin Boening, Matthew Nienow, Xavier Cavazos, Catherine Bresner, and Eduardo Corral. Ducking out of the wind and rain on October 15th, we gathered in Catherine's living room on Capitol Hill and commenced an evening of wine, fellowship, and poems. It was a special event for so many reasons.

1) Justin Boening was in town! Of all the mind-blowing debut collections that have come out this year (and there are tons), Justin's NOT ON THE LAST DAY, BUT ON THE VERY LAST is one of my tippy-top favorites. Also, on this book tour, he's been reading from Max Ritvo's posthumously published THREE REINCARNATIONS, which is amazing.

2) Matthew Nienow read from his new book HOUSE OF WATER—for the very first time!

3) Catherine Bresner projected a new poetry comic on the wall!

4) Eduardo Corral (personal idol, winner of Yale Younger, author of SLOW LIGHTNING) gave me off-the-cuff advice on organizing my manuscript while drinking a La Croix!

5) The weather was not nearly as dire as forecasted, and the power did not go out!

Cheers to nights like these <3

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